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Hey, I'm Eilyn

  Spiritual Mentor & Life/Burnout Coach

At Energetic Insights, we offer a unique approach to life coaching by integrating astrological insights into our sessions. Our founder, a trained astrologer in Debra Silverman's astrology school, has mastered the art of using astrology as a tool to provide deeper, more meaningful insights and perspectives into our clients' lives. Through our coaching sessions, we help our clients navigate through life's obstacles while discovering a newfound sense of empowerment and direction.

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Are you feeling burnt out in life?

Looking for a way to calm the fluctuations of a busy mind?

Could you benefit from focused concentration in your life?

Step 1: Watch Rise and Shine: The Burnout Recovery Masterclass

Our FREE masterclass offers a comprehensive roadmap for women who have experienced burnout, guiding them through proven strategies to heal, rebuild and rediscover their passion for life. With a perfect blend of practical tools, and an explorative expansion of our awareness to the mind, participants will never look at burnout the same way ever again!

Services and Rates

Featured: June 2024

Life Coaching Alignment Call - 15 mins - FREE - click here to book
Limited Spots, 1-month, and 3 Month options available. Special rate for returning clients
Online Course:
Empowerment Through Stillness - 7 Weeks -  $77

*June Special* Astrology Mentorship  - 60 mins - was $500 now $450 - click here to book use code: KARMA2024 at checkout 

Discover Your Inner Magic with Our Astrology Life Coaching

12 Weeks - 1:1 Transformational Coaching

Discover your true potential with Energetic Insights, where astrology and life coaching come together. Our personal astrologer is an expert in her field, with a background in top legal and mediation services and a wealth of experience working with high-profile clients. She knows how to communicate and negotiate in any situation, making her the perfect partner for your personal journey. With our one-of-a-kind chart analysis, you'll gain insights into your strengths and opportunities for growth, and learn how to navigate life's challenges with ease.

Our Services

At Energetic Insights Co., we provide astrology life coaching services to help you discover your true purpose, navigate your spiritual journey, and unlock your hidden talents. Our mission is to empower you by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, exploring new avenues of personal growth, and helping you tap into your greatest potential.

Free Yoga WorkBook

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Discover Your Path to Self-Awareness

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At Energetic Insights, we understand that people have a natural desire to explore their place in the universe. That's why our astrology life coaching session caters to people who want to explore the relationship between the cosmos and their own lives. Our life coaches are highly skilled in astrology, and we use this knowledge to help our clients navigate through difficult situations and find direction in life. Our approach is to provide a welcoming, safe, and judgment-free space where people can connect their inner world with the outer world.

Our astrology-based life coaching sessions are designed to provide our clients with a clear understanding of their individual strengths and potential challenges. We believe that the stars can offer valuable insights into our lives and serve as powerful guides in our personal growth journeys. Our experienced team of astrologers and life coaches are dedicated to helping you overcome obstacles and reach your full potential with confidence.

woman meditating in a serene environment

Introducing the Empowerment Through Stillness: A program for busy women

Embark on a transformative 7-week journey to break free from burnout and reclaim your life with our specialized course for women. If you're feeling stuck and frustrated, this program offers practical tools to identify burnout triggers and boost your confidence. Through innovative energy analysis techniques, you'll learn to spot early warning signs and prevent burnout cycles. Join us for a unique experience of self-discovery and empowerment, bidding farewell to burnout for good. Take the leap towards a harmonious and fulfilling future today!



Hailey, Social Worker

Working with Eilyn has changed me in so many ways. I’ve been learning to trust myself and my intuition. It’s impacted how I am in my personal relationships and also in my relationships in the workplace...

Misty Martello, Educator

Eilyn is a truly gifted intuitive. During our 1:1 sessions she energetically inspires me on a soul level. Eilyn has helped me set goals personally and for my business that align with my souls purpose

Sherry, Entrepreneur

What an amazing experience! I had a natal chart reading. Eilyn is extremely intuitive and provided so much insight into my life. I can't wait for my next one. I highly recommend!

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