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  • What are your credentials and experience?
    Prior to entering the coaching space full time, I was a legal and business professional with specializations in negotiation, mediation, and corporate services management. My role required a lot of energy and patience to work with internal and external clients to balance the demands and needs of both sides under very controlled timelines. I excelled in working with difficult agreement types and often created solutions on the fly- based on empathy-based resolutions. When the Pandemic hit in 2020 my colleagues and clients were coming to me with personal issues to help them balance their stress and help them plan for the future. From there, I used my training as a negotiator to develop a coaching style using intellectual insight with deep intuitive divine guidance. I am continuously nurturing my coaching style by working with the best coaches in both the spiritual and business communities.
  • Can I book an Intake Session?
    I have discovery calls with all future clients to make sure we are a good fit. Check the link to book your today!
  • Do you have a specific philosophy or belief system?
    I believe that every individual has the potential to live a fully aligned spiritual and physical life. The human experience is a finite and complicated journey that requires support and guidance from those of us who are custodians of ancient wisdom, self-love, and encouraging enlightenment. My philosophy is pretty basic, I believe all things are possible if they are rooted in love.
  • What are your expectations of your clients?
    Those who commit to putting in the work truly see the best results. I encourage the use of the community Facebook page to lean into the group and ask questions that come up. We all need support and understanding at various times in our lives. Mutual respect is required. Disrespect will not be tolerated and may result in being asked to leave the program.
  • What can a client expect from me?
    Working with me means you will have my undivided attention and focus to hold space for you. My sessions are energetic, full of love, complete honesty, and support. To ensure that my energy is used to help those that are truly ready to dive deeper I pre-screen clients through the FREE 30-minute discovery call. I do not onboard clients that I have not had an opportunity to first assess and evaluate. If it is a good use of our time to work together.  I have a pretty relaxed disposition and use humour to carry us through the moment we need to break a moment of tension. 
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