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Hi, I'm Eilyn.

I’m a former business and legal services professional with a background in negotiation and mediation. 


My life's passion is to bring women to the core of their inner being and help them live a more profound and spiritual life beyond the asana practice. I genuinely believe that when women are empowered, they can change the world.


Many women like you are searching for purpose and meaning in life- especially during these tumultuous times of change and rupture in our systems of organization and governance.


We are at a pivotal point in humanity, ascending into a higher collective consciousness that is waking up more profound parts of us.

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I've been where you are

I used to think I was complicated, unworthy, weird, and complex. I had been told so my entire life, so I had no reason or social proof to believe otherwise. My intuition scared me, and my vulnerability paralyzed me. I couldn't trust myself if my life depended on it. I had to grab onto whatever truth sold to me, so I took the conventional approach to life– and guess what?




You see, I felt like I had to prove my worth to everyone, I felt that I had to complete a certain amount of education to be worthy, I felt I had to play trophy wife to earn praise and attention, I fell into the trap of relying on external validation for happiness. I was tired of doing work and having others take credit for it; I was tired of seeing other women like me brag about how much success they had and wondering what they had that I didn't.

Just after my second child, I had a second awakening that took me down several dead ends. Everything I was doing or trying seemed to meet with massive resistance, and I became overwhelmed and lost in life. Of course, no one knew about it because I was an expert at people pleasing and doing everything possible to keep suspicion off of me that I wasn't strong enough to handle the pressures of life. 



Image by Milad Fakurian

Now I am calling the shots and feel incredibly empowered in this season of my life. I have embraced my uniqueness and accepted that there is so much more goodness out there than I ever thought possible. I am grounded and centred and can navigate the seasons of growth with an open and honest heart. I have welcomed a higher level of consciousness into my life - and I want to help you attract the exact change. 


If you are ready to journey into the heart, explore life beyond the mundane, level up your spiritual consciousness, and attract the life you desire, NOW IS YOUR TIME.


So let’s do this! For real, what are you waiting for?

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