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Hi, I'm Eilyn, Founder.

Welcome to Energetic Insights, where the journey to healing burnout is more than a path to recovery; it’s a transformative passage toward rediscovering purpose and wholeness.

Our Journey: Energetic Insights emerged from a personal quest born from experiencing the suffocating grip of chronic burnout. Despite material success, I felt adrift, disconnected from my true purpose. This realization sparked a mission to support others facing similar challenges. Through my legal practice, I encountered individuals experiencing profound mental, physical, and soul pain yet lacking the tools to evolve from their struggles.

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I've been where you are

Our Evolution:

Committed to addressing this critical need, I delved into shamanic training and embarked on a transformative journey to become a Reiki healer, yoga teacher, and astrologer. Continual investment and learning have empowered me to serve as a catalyst for women seeking to unearth their inner strength and purpose.


Customer Commitment:


Our dedication to our clients is unwavering. Every interaction and every service is designed to provide exceptional value. We pride ourselves on offering a unique space where individuals can deeply explore their inner selves, harnessing ancient wisdom to heal and grow.

Our Approach

At Energetic Insights, our core values are empowering individuals to understand their energetic bodies. Each client is guided through a deeply personal journey, exploring their Body Self, Hidden Self, Energetic Body, Human Self, and Mental Body. Through the prism of astrology, meditation, and customized tools, they unravel unique patterns, reconnecting with their higher self through the soul body.




Join us on this journey to rediscover purpose, heal the soul, and embrace a life deeply aligned with your inner truth.

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Future Vision

Our vision extends beyond healing physical symptoms; it’s about restoring wholeness at a deeper level. We strive to build a society that recognizes burnout as a signal of disharmony at the soul level. In our envisioned future, burnout is seen as a spiritual indication, prompting a willingness to embrace lifestyle changes and embark on a transformative journey toward personal and spiritual alignment.

Energetic Insights acknowledges that our approach doesn’t replace medical intervention; instead, it stands as a catalyst for those ready to embark on a profound shift toward holistic wellness.

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