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The Solar Plexus

Governs our accomplishments and life fulfillment; it is our strong sense of willpower in the world. Burnout impairs our ability to live authentically. 


A blocked Solar Plexus Chakra manifests when we experience burnout from work overload, occupational stress, and caregiver stress. It seems that our time and energy are always in demand, and there is never enough of you to go around. Our energy suffers when we are burdened with too much responsibility and not enough time for ourselves. We may feel a sense of dread or worry that we can't reach our full potential, or worse, we lack motivation and self-esteem.

Light and Shadow

Steps moving forward



A blocked solar plexus manifests itself in digestive issues, irritability, fatigue, excessive weight loss or gain



Where is the energy deficiency?

What are the symptoms?

Where is the excess energy?


Unblocking chakras:

Investigating the emotional, spiritual and physical damage


Chakra Balancing recommendations:

Element: fire

Sense: sight

Note: D

Mantra: “Ah”

Gems: amber, citrine, sunstone

Essential Oils: peppermint, cassia

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