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The Third Eye

Located at the center of the forehead, it is responsible for intuition, intellect, wisdom, visualization self-reflection


When we burn out, it is challenging to take the initiative and trust our inner wisdom- you likely feel lost, disconnected, and seeking to orient yourself toward finding your purpose. 


We ignore our intuition when it is trying to protect us and guide us; the intuition will raise a small voice, a small gesture in the body to alarm us that something is wrong or it is off. Perhaps you have been ignoring your intuition, which perpetuated some of the burnout, which is ok. You are here to fix that and to be gentle with yourself. There is never any blame, just adjustments. Some of us feel an inner voice, and we listen to that; others have more of an emotional response, and you will know when you surrender to that curiosity. Nurture it and let it take up more space; give the mind a break; it doesn't know; it just does the intuition knows, let them connect. This Chakra supports us in connecting with our outer vision, or as I like to call it, the getaway car. It's the vehicle forward. When this Chakra is blocked, we are likely carrying around others' emotions and stress. We may be prone to addictions or other chronic and prolonged illnesses, for there has not been a solution. This meditation is aimed at helping you regain clarity and awareness to focus on what truly matters.

Light and Shadow

Steps moving forward



A blocked third eye chakra manifests in the body as thyroid problems, sore throat, swollen glands, and neck pain.



Where is the energy deficiency?

What are the symptoms?

Where is the excess energy?


Unblocking chakras:

Investigating the emotional, spiritual and physical damage


Chakra Balancing recommendations:

Element: light or ether

Sense: inner vision, telepathy

Note: high A

Mantra: MMM

Gems: amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, sodalite

Essential Oils: cedarwood, basil, clary sage

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