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"21 Ways to Develop Courage and Overcome Fear in Your Life"

Updated: Mar 10

The month of May started as a journey into myself deeper and darker than anything I have ever experienced before. Trauma found release and the decompression wasn't easy. The phases came in waves, bringing on so much depth and insight to last me a lifetime. I have captured these insights; here are the 21 lessons of courage.

Courage is not an abstract concept; it isn't an act of selfish bravery; it's for everyone. We were given this emotional fuel to find our footing in this world. Every emotion we feel is intentional; it is a code we need to power up our momentum for the next journey in our cycle.

1) Courage is like a heavy meal; it's difficult to digest.

2) courage is a combination of all your life forces working together to move you forward

3)courage means you accept waking up each day with pain to process and heal.

4) courage is trusting that the wound will heal

5)courage is the ability to accept a life lesson as a gift without pride

6)courage is the service of the heart in action

7)courage is stillness and holding space in the discomfort

8)Courage is saying NO

9) Courage is waiting for the YES

10)courage is the ability to venture into the material unknown

11) courage is moving forward without promises in place.

12) courage is not allowing no block a yes

13)courage is silence when the heart is active

14)courage is action when the heart is clear

15) courage is asking the ego what it wants and then doing the opposite

16) courage is giving love to those who are at a pain point in their journey

17) courage is the willpower to surrender

18) courage is believing in another as much as you believe in yourself

19) courage is standing up and leaving the room

20) courage is smiling and crying without needing a reason

21)Courage is sheer, raw, authentic exposure of your true self.


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