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"How Can Finding a Mentor Propel Your Professional Growth?"

Updated: Mar 10

Who am I as a mentor?

My heart is in it. I love it.

I have had a mentor since I was 19 years old. Since then, many women and men have influenced and supported my journey. I have had judges, dentists, mothers, realtors, executives, neighbours, and all sorts of women from different walks of life help me find my path. I have always been curious about life and sought connection with adults who seemed to understand the more profound, foundational questions about life. I respected the adults who took the time to listen to my young mind rationalize and get excited about possibilities; I looked for that connection externally for the first two decades until I began my spiritual journey at age 21.

By divine intervention, I stumbled across an abandoned box of books that would become my library. By diving into these books, I would satisfy my curiosity about the periods of having a mentor. My first spiritual teachers were gifted to me by God; I know this intuitively. This was a miracle meant for me, one that didn't have context back then but does now. Much of what I teach currently is inspired by those early books. I learned about the law of attraction, the secret teaching of all ages, Deepak Chopra, Dale Carnegie, James Redfield, Carl Jung, philosophies and metaphysics, and so much more from this abandoned box; I have carried this knowledge with me for quite some time, but it took a lot to get me to the place where I feel worthy of teaching it to others.

I believe in the power of conversation and expression, and it gives me space to hold you and share my intuitive gifts.

I am profoundly wise and understanding. I can sense the many different layers of a situation rather quickly and easily. These skills came in handy in my traditional career path, but they left me yearning for more connections with others on a deeper level.

My desire to help is genuine; it surpasses the pain and crisis cycles of starting a business out of your purpose. I am very open and have learned to accept my need for self-expression, curiosity, and artistic melancholy. All of it, my life is art.

I look out for the underdog because I have always been one myself; my empathy is well-developed here. My ability to turn a difficult situation around is evidence of my success and happiness in life. Proof that my mentorship works? Well, you can read the testimonials or see them in my actions. I love the freedom to change my life when things don't feel right anymore. When the urge to change arises, I move; I don't ask or second guess my intuition; I go.

I go deep to find meaning in parenting, marriage, sensuality, emotional maturity, and personal growth through the spiritual Lens. I spend a lot of time working in both the material and the spiritual world because I know that I am both.

The women who choose me know that they are both, but they are at the edge of freeing themselves from the limits and systems of the old world.

They have strong optimism and take responsibility for realizing their dreams because they don't have fantasies that scare them. They have an air of possibility and practicality. They know they can conquer anything and that investing in themselves is the key to bettering those odds.

Check out my application process today to see if we are a good fit ❤️


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