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"The Signs of a Spiritual Awakening: Are You Experiencing Them?"

Updated: Mar 10


Now more than ever, we are being called to make decisions. We must know how to navigate life with emotional and spiritual intelligence. In the journey of spiritual awakening, we SHIFT into a more profound sense of knowing. The knowing comes from acknowledging the absence of purpose and love, and we begin to desire more significant meaning in life.

Embracing our spiritual awakening allows us to root into our true selves while learning to recognize and support others on their spiritual journey. As stewards of this beautiful Earth, we are responsible for creating positive change for the next generation. When we work on spiritual healing, we increase our positive impact and transform the world one action and compassionate move at a time. Our survival depends on banding together and believing in the evolution of our mind, body and soul.

In this week's energy reading and mini-coaching session, I explain what Scorpio wants us to understand our lessons because it wants us to SHINE. Scorpio supports us in our shadow works and helps us stay grounded and consistent when we reflect and review the events that shaped our past. Scorpio is a HIGHLY spiritual sign and is CALLING US into OUR AWAKENING.

A beautiful Oracle card reading is included in this mini mastermind, reminding us of the beginner's journey. That means we have to make difficult decisions about our current situation. When reality and spirituality first collide in our minds, we stumble with it because we are slowing down our minds and going inward for the first time.

Now is a great time to get an energy reading done to help you work through that considerable Scorpio energy.

Wherever you are today, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Love is always available.



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