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"Exploring the Mythical Journey: Traveling the Rainbow Bridge"

Updated: Mar 10


In 2019, I worked at a marketing analytics firm managing SaaS agreements. The role was complex and required a lot of analysis, research and collaboration with various stakeholders. It was difficult to grasp concepts, let alone synthesize them, so I had to create a fluid understanding between the client and our sales team. On top of that, I worked with a US and Canadian team; the privacy and marketing laws are pretty different, and so are the people. I was constantly overwhelmed and working overtime to meet the challenges and expectations of my team.

The company is sales-focused and requires everyone to drop everything and prioritize getting the deal done. I was the only young parent working on the corporate services side of things when the Pandemic hit, and I found myself at home with two kids and this mounting pressure. I tried with all my willingness to cope and succeed, but I broke down. I tried hard; I took extra courses, I upgraded my skills, I worked late every night, I took on colleagues' emotional stress and stayed on calls longer than I should have; I brought my laptop into my kitchen and prepared dinner on Teams Meetings just so I could keep some of my stressed-out colleague's spirits happy, as their isolation was an energy that I could not ignore.

There had to be a better way to tend to these broken spirits and low energy, including mine, of course. So I set out to come up with a solution for the more significant theme at play; it wasn't just the long hours and work pressure that people were broken by; it was their spirits and souls speaking to them and asking them to course correct. Many didn't know how to put those pieces together.

What was missing was authentic synergy integration. Everyone was working from a place of chaos, and it was leaking into the corporate culture.

I created this mentorship program to hold myself accountable for my healing journey and share this healing wisdom with others. I know that I am unique, and I go about things like a mad scientist. I test everything until I find something that genuinely works and holds. This mentorship will give you loads of wisdom and tools to create that longed-for, well-rounded change of perspective.

Burnout is a spiritual issue. You can improve your chances of breaking bad habits by making long-term, sustainable changes to your mind, body, and soul.

This unique, one-of-a-kind work will explore various ways to connect with your inner self. This mentorship program is dynamic and fluid weekly; we build awareness of the seven energy centers, personal power, emotional intelligence and negotiation tools to set you up for more success.


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