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Summer Updates July 2022

A little update:


I have been working hard on getting my group program out to you. I reviewed my journey and pulled from the experiences of others to create the Rattle Collective. It's a beautiful journey, designed to be taken at your own pace. The unique part is that each module comes with a 1hr master class which you can download and listen to as you go through your day, and you will have an opportunity to have 2 1-1 sessions at the beginning and the end of the program. And at the end of the program. Begining and at the end of the program.

2) I have a FREE three-day training coming up in two weeks. You will learn the six fundamental strategies to navigate the new business and economic landscape. The rapid speed at which things are changing is raising many questions and furthering us into disbelief that our world is breaking away from old paradigms and into new. I'll give you the heads up on all of this and share some insights from the high-level leaders I follow ( and besides, I am 2 degrees of separation from Kevin O'Leary and Tony Robins.. and as of last week 3 degrees of separation from the beetles and Elvis I'll tell this story on the live training)

3) My website will be getting another upgrade with the addition of my brand video; you will get to know me a little bit better and my story; this was an amazing project and def one off of my business bucket list (a documentary will likely follow... but that's a next year thing)

enjoying lunch at MoMA NYC

4) My mentorship containers are almost FILLED if you have wanted to jump into mentorship, to be supported, and uplifted. Encouraged and kept in check with your desires. Goal and ambitions, we may be a great fit together. apply today at

5) It's summer, and FREE things are always nice, so while you decide on mentorship, download my FREE affirmation workbook and get a head start on your mindset work.

6) keep on going! Don't ever sleep on your ambitions; turn the blinders on to the doubters and keep elevating.

7 ) Exciting things are happening because I decide I want exciting things to happen. I decide that I want to keep going and pursuing my passions. I decide that I want to do things differently and have the freedom and space to try everything that wills me to move forward.

It's not impossible to be a mom and an entrepreneur; it's a fantastic experience; the lows are quickly amplified and easily combated with the love of your family. Besides this journey, it's not just for me; I took this step with every woman in mind, every woman who has had to stand down or give up for one reason or another. I want to see a change in the world; I want people to fully see themselves and have the courage to pursue their passions.

Until next time



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