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Truancy isn't the problem- Empath's, this is for you ❤️

As a child, I remember knowing that I was different. My feelings always seemed to hurt longer, and I was always the child pointing out right and wrong. I also always needed to know "why" I was getting a "No" from my parents; they thought I was being defiant, but in my mind, I was trying to understand the emotional logic; in my attempts to secure clarity, I ended up internalizing a lot of limiting believes and lies about my deep emotional compass.

As I went from childhood to adolescence, I lost a lot of confidence and safety in my ability to move through life. Every decision I made, even small choices like getting up and going to school, was daunting and heavy. Day by day, with the small decision without an outlet for emotional disclosure, I depressed and bounced around from depression. Anxiety, truancy and sexual promiscuity to cope with my emotional stress.

At 17, I dropped out of high school twice; it took everything inside me to return to the high school hallways that haunted me and returned to the environment that caused me so much harm; from then on, I learned quickly that with compassion, support and understanding the depth of my emotional intelligence has a place in this world. Fast forward twenty years, and I am now leading women through this journey in the Young Wild and Free Mentorship Sessions.

My ask to anyone who resonates with this is to stop ignoring your problems; being sensitive and intuitive are superpowers you can learn to love; you are not strange- you need to know how to heal yourself.

As an empath, I know it feels shitty feeling all the feelings and everyone else's.

The world can feel so dark and uninhabitable being an empath.

The journey of an empath is not easy. You always struggled to fit in and be in group settings or be "cool" the high intuition of an empath is overwhelming in high school, college, or work, and unknowingly.

You adapt other people's patterns and behaviours as your own. Empaths, you are not average; you are exceptional. You just haven't been able to harness the spiritual energy of this gift.

When you resent this gift, it's a sign that you are in a place in life where you need to recalibrate. An empath learns how to heal themselves and learn to focus their love on themselves.

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