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Making the Leap: Transitioning from Contract Review to Human Design Chart Analysis

Updated: Mar 10

I started collecting my knowledge on astrology, Chinese zodiacs and numerology when I was a kid; I still have the first book of Dream Interpretation that I bought when I was 12 years old with my babysitting money!

In 2019, I came across a new tool that took my fascination with human dynamics to a new level. I read a post by Jenna Zoe on Human Design, and light instantly went off naturally; finding this tool felt like the most significant "AHA" moment. Before investing in my reading (I've had several done; I love to try new readers), I got familiarized with the concepts and what they offered me. I needed to play with this learning curve and see the benefits of this tool before investing in it. If you are like me, you will love that many free online resources can give you that good first bite into this delicious world.

After one Human Design reading, my world was wholly illuminated with an energy I had never experienced before. The dots I was longing to connect finally seemed to come together; it felt like, after a lifetime of searching, I finally had validation for myself. I knew immediately that investing in this tool for my business was an immediate "YES." I've completed many human design training sessions to offer this service to you with complete confidence and integrity, and I hope that you will also have the same monumental shift I had.

Learning about your Human Design is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself. Discovering your soul's energetic blueprint helps you prepare, enjoy, and move forward.

A Human Design reading can help you open up new doors inside yourself and expand your horizons in all areas of your life. If you have ever wondered, "Why am I like this?" a Human Design reading will help you connect the dots and feel more confident, grounded, and clear on your next steps.


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