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Why Spiritual Mentorship Matters For Your long Term Success.

There is a point in our lives where the calling for more meaning echoes from the chambers of our soul; it rattles. Discovering the self starts with a question and a path unfolds.

The soul will begin the journey through the many dimensions of the self by asking your conscious mind to search for an answer to the question.

"Who am I?"

Some will process the question through the ego and go about it in many ways to find a way through it. The question is heavy and sits quietly in the back of the mind for years before it "goes" anywhere. We are all born to solve this question, as we are all here on a specific journey with a particular mission to complete.

Some of us are born with this awareness and pursue this knowledge with a passion; for others, the path is not clear cut, and the journey towards spiritual wealth is a rocky and daunting path. This is difficult for those who have had rigorously structured lives, as the decision to break away from traditions might mean breaking legacy ties and enduring alienation from loved ones. This is a moral conundrum written about since the dawn of time, from East to West scripture and everything.

My journey began with the sound of the rattle- I was hearing it and seeing snakes everywhere. The desire to find the connection took me on a 4-year trip home to me. The rattle is a symbol in shamanism, representing the spiralling movement of the cosmic forces that expand in all directions, or as I like to say to my clients, the moment you put your order into the universe, a production unravels. This is the eye-opening moment referred to as the awakening and, for myself, the MOST exciting part of the process.

I should mention that each soul hears a different calling at different times; how and when we respond is usually linked to a traumatic event that motivates the person to question the meaning of life.

The journey- the quest for wholeness is lonely; it's unsettling, shakes your confidence, makes you look unstable on the outside, challenges your decisions, and is all-around painful.

It's a dark season and an important one; you have to walk through the dark to uncover the light and trace the emotional compass of your body.

I have been here many times, and I will continue to go through these light and dark cycles. The difference in the success of each journey is that I follow the path, not alone but with guidance from spiritual mentors who encourage deeper trust and self-love. Spiritual guides have deep wisdom to share with the diversity of humanity; each journey is unique, awe-spiring and achieves spiritual and material abundance.

As a spiritual mentor, my role is to take this dark path with you and make the journey enjoyable and fun by showing you these dark shadows through a lens of compassion, love and celebration. I also intuitively guide you through your emotional body to help you release pain and trauma and reverse engineer low self-esteem patterns.

The beauty of this journey is that I take my lived experience and fuse it into the mentorship to make the trip comprehensible and relatable; this is a sisterhood;

I prioritize making emotional clarity FUN because returning home to the soul is a celebration. And building clarity and having AHA moments filled with rich surges of vital bioenergy, the beauty in this work is that patterns are broken, and deeper meaningful connections emerge.

This work is transformational; I've witnessed clients move from anxiety and depression to clear and calm decision-makers ready to navigate big decisions that take them to their desired next steps with ease and grace. I offer a variety of options and support my 1-1 private clients using both in person, video and apps to facilitate communication. My group programs are self led, and designed with a specific journey in mind, you can read more below.


Ways to work with me:

The Rattle Collective: A spiritual Journey within: 8 week program.

In TRC, you will learn how to harmonize the opposing energies of work and rest using Energetic Insights' successful signature 7- Step Framework designed to unblock and balance your energy. Through applying this framework, you are successfully guided to respond with resilience to the ups and downs of life, tap into deep insight on chronic stress and unresolved trauma and learn the magic and inspiring way the universe has your back.


Private 1-1 Mentorship: Various options available.

Private mentorship:

In private mentorship, I work with clients on a deep-introspection level as an intuitive empath medium; I lend my intuitive gifts while respecting my client's limitations. Clients who seek to work 1-1 are looking for spiritual guidance to unlock their minds when working through emotional burnout. We work together to find the source of burnout and work our way forward by working with balancing and harmonizing the chakras. This work is radically transformative, and my clients often report dramatic shifts and breakthroughs within a short time. The high success and satisfaction after working with me come from my commitment to guiding clients with love, authenticity and self-trust in the process; these principles create the path forward for healing, harmonizing, and harnessing the power of your natural life force energy,


Benefits of 1-1 Mentorship:


It's a known fact that people work harder in the presence of others. Having me by your side can provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to stay accountable for your growth and transformation journey. I use my savvy interpersonal and group dynamics skills to make all interactions effective and fun. And simply working with me is like having a long-lost sister by your side. Who you like and respect can be enough to provide you with more gratification with your journey.

Undivided attention

One of my most vital skills is listening actively and attentively. When an individual has ideas, I'm a soundboard resource to discuss or try them; I provide unbiased advice or opinions using relevant knowledge and experience. With these insights, supported by the human design reading, the client can better understand what steps to take and whether to pursue the idea or walk away. All my clients get access to me Monday-Friday, 9-5 ET. Where can they receive real-time support and guidance to support them through the frustration, avoidance, or high emotional waves that come with the shadow work of introspection?

Everyone is different when it comes to personal healing. As a mentor, I customize our container to meet your individual needs; I know that what works for me is different from what works for you, and that is why each 1-1 client receives a detailed human design reading before kicking things off- everything we do entirely focused on you and your level of comfort. Your unique energetic blueprint, experience, goals, wellness level, likes and dislikes will guide me in creating a plan with set goals that are customized specifically to your needs.

I've been there, too; I share my story and relevant experience.

I share my journey; I don't hide the truth of the things I have navigated and healed from. My journey includes chapters on childhood trauma, marriage, motherhood, career changes, sexual trauma, PTSD/ anxiety and depression, self-esteem struggles and identity shifts. Due to the extreme challenges I faced early in life, I sought emotional and spiritual support to help guide me through the emotional stress and spiritual damage I went through. My life would not be filled with the joy I have now without the support of mentors, counsellors, and psychologists. My clients benefit from my candid approach because they learn lessons about the mistakes' negative impacts and do not have to suffer the consequences themselves. Learning about these experiences can also help prepare my client for the challenges they can expect and provide demonstrable advice on overcoming them.

Next Steps:

Let's connect, book your free 30 min consultation and see if working with me is the next step for you:)

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