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Mission Statement

At Energetic Insights Co, our mission is to help individuals bridge the gap between the material and spiritual world. By mentoring their unique spiritual energy, we believe that they will find their home in the world.

Core Values






Offerings Under $300

Healing Burnout Masterclass bundle

$200  (7 mini courses with audio, video files and workbook) This course is designed with healing strategies that specifically help replenish and re-engage your energy. Each course focuses on one of the major chakras with the goal of balancing the chakra through meditation, visualization, yoga and Reiki infused mentorship. You will leave the course feeling expanded, hopeful and realigned with your energy.


60 min Human
Design Reading

$200 (PDF included) Human Design is a system that combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah and Vedic Philosophy. It is a tool that uses your birth data to determine your unique energy and personality type.

Learning about your Human Design is the most rewarding gift you can give yourself. Discovering your soul's energetic blueprint helps you prepare, enjoy, and freely move forward in life.
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60 min
Energy Reading

(live session)

An energy reading is.a perfect entry point for anyone who is looking for deep soulful intuitive guidance. You may be struggling with lack of desire, low energy, lack of ambition, broken heartaches, or poor communication with others and need support to get you focused on clearing a path forward. As an energy reader I am trained to recognize blocked chakras and can assist you by reading your aura to determine your needs and make recommendations for balancing and harmonizing the chakras.


60 Distance Reiki Healing


Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive wellness treatment that helps the body to heal - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

During a Reiki treatment, the body's energy is rebalanced, enabling the whole body to be treated. A Reiki session can help ease tension, relieve stress and support the body to facilitate an environment for inner healing. A session is pleasant, relaxing, and often utilized for wellness.



Young Wild And Free:
Private Mentorship

Individual mentorship sessions for the Empath Young Woman: 
In-person and online sessions available.

The empath's journey is unique and requires deep personal understanding and compassion. 

This mentorship is for the young, empathic, and compassionate person. I will guide you to help you understand your emotional highs and lows. Through mentorship, you will know how to use your emotions for personal life success. 

I created this program specifically for young people who feel out of place in their world with their high fluctuating emotions. They could be dealing with truancy, social anxiety, depression or crippling coping skills. Concerned parents often fear that these high emotions will disadvantage their children in the modern world. These individual sessions are designed to support the empath on their emotional journey and help the empath explore their feelings in a safe space. 

Investment: $299 includes 1hr mentorship call + distant Reiki healing Session

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Eilyn Reyes-CLDesigns-website assets-Rattle.png

Concerns: Confidence, low self esteem, courage

Self paced digital program + mentorship 

Does the hectic and uncertainty of life keep you up at night? Do you find yourself wanting to go deeper and connect to your purpose and personal power? I can show you how to use your unique energy, the time you in the most effective and spiritually uplifting as possible. 


If you want to gain more confidence, courage and inner power, you will want to dance in the energy of the Rattle Container. This program is focused on transmuting the spiritual energies of emotional immaturity and converting them into aligned mature action. By the end of this program, you will be able to confidently declare your desires, face your inner critic and boldly speak your passion into the universe.

*In this digital course you discover what your Human Design is and how it can revolutionize the way you use your energy

*you will learn the real reasons why your energy has been stuck in the same place repeating unnecessary patterns and stories

*no long live with limiting beliefs about, love, wealth or your personal power and pleasures

*learn about the 7 chakras and how they function in the mind and body to create yin and yang energy

*improve your relationships with loved ones and your colleagues to create ease and harmony in your daily transactions

*rejuvenate long term relationships with new levels of understanding with intimacy and communication- You don't need to suffer through wondering what the heck is going on

*unblock stagnant energy in your body and reconnect with your health and wellness goals.

*unleash the stress you feel around money and the money lack mindset. Now more than ever we have unique access to wealth like never before

The Rattle Collective is a transformational journey created on the foundation of ancient wisdom and modern day psychology. This program has been designed to blend the practical and spiritual teachings to explore the psychology of the chakras and energy healing. This is a groundbreaking program that allows you to take control of your mental, physical and spiritual health.

Healing Burnout Spiritual Mentorship
Concerns: Burnout, community healing,
spiritual mental health 

12 week program - Online live group coaching

This program is for the person ready to dive into deep personal introspection to trace the root source of their burnout. Each week we dive into all aspects of the mind-body and soul connection and bridge the gap between career burnout and aligned action. As an added bonus, this program is jam-packed with added extras to teach you modern-day negotiation strategies and how to put it all together to start living a purposeful and vital life within 60 days.

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Eilyn Reyes-CLDesigns-website assets-Raven2.png

Concerns: Spiritually curious/ advanced, ready to put spiritual practices into the material world.

*Application required* Individual private coaching.

You will feel called into this container when you are in the middle of transforming your life. Maybe you have experienced a recent loss or tragic event that shakes you to your core and begs you to ask yourself, "what is the point of life?" Starting your spiritual journey is an exciting time. You will learn how to shed layers of emotional baggage and step into alignment with your highest self. 


This is for you if you are ready to own your personal power. You know that you are powerful, highly intuitive, have deep perception and always know what will happen; you just need to find the proper support to shapeshift into your next spiritual level. This is an intuitively led container with a high focus on energetic tools and ancient wisdom.


Motivational Speaking/ Corporate Retreats:
Online or in person

If you are looking for a high energy, motivating speaker
- you will want to book Eilyn for your next event. 


Eilyn is a proud Latinx who immigrated to Canada with her family in the early 90’s. She grew up in a household that celebrated their Indigenous and Spanish heritage, including her profound spiritual gifts. Eilyn was aware of her compassionate nature from an early age, which exposed her to many personal challenges, often taking her out of the traditional path toward success. Through navigating her many challenges associated with the arduous journey of life, she understands and is deeply committed to celebrating the good things in life by committing to a life of improving her spiritual energy and others.


She is a successful entrepreneur with expertise in many business sectors. When she is not working, she enjoys cuddles and art parties with her family. Eilyn is a spiritual mentor who brings an infectious joy to the good things of life. 

Eilyn Reyes-CLDesigns-website assets-Speaking.png

Topics include:

  • How people from disadvantaged backgrounds can improve their academic success

  • How to turn personal challenges and experiences associated with trauma into success (examples, chronic illness, learning challenges, barriers to entry, motherhood)

  • Learn how to relax and release stress from the mind and body (emphasis on prioritizing well being as a standard for personal success)

  • Motherhood and marriage unplugged- raw and authentic truths of creating and holding the vision for your family. 

  • Empowerment through self discovery

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