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Elevate your mind, body, and spirit with our transformative services.


Group Programs


7 part Email Meditation Course

Take charge and find remedies with strategic personal insights.

US$ 200


The Rattle Collective
Group Yoga Wisdom Study Program

Bring in new light and energy to radically heal from life trauma

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1:1  Mentorship

You Get One Life To Live.

Clients who have worked with Eilyn and FULLY EMBODY this type of energy have booked three 4-figure clients from one post, surpassed six-figure launches, turned their hobbies into successful businesses and so much more.

Kris G CA

“I just want to take this moment and say thank you Eilyn for the work and teaching you are giving It has awoken my true self and taught me to not be afraid to share and express my feelings, thoughts, and sexuality. Burnout is real and i was definitley going through it for a long time beofre you showed me the way. I can't thank you enough."

Karen Parks CA

"Eilyn is an energetic, authentic and compassionate soul that will connect, uplift and help to guide you through whatever your next step is. She is extremely knowledgeable, spiritually connected and has the best laugh.You won't regret your time spent working with Eilyn."

Angela Giannotti, UK

“Working with Eilyn is challenging but incredibly rewarding. She very quickly grasped what has been holding me back and now she's teaching me how to live a more authentic and fulfilling life. Her work is utter transformative.”
Flower Shadow

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1:1 Coaching
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