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Hi, I'm Eilyn!

Creator of Energetic Insights Co.

Eilyn is a  proud mom, entrepreneur, and passionate recovering burnout queen. Her mission drives her to end burnout for high-performing ambitious women. She teaches women from all walks of life how to take charge and connect with their soul's purpose through her mentorship work which combines strategic thinking, spirituality, and ancient wisdom. She believes that burnout is directly correlated to one's need to attain spiritual autonomy, which can be reached by supporting women through the dark, messy middle of change so that they can embody a more physically, mentally, and spiritually vibrant life. 

She was born with the gift to see beyond the physical world. Her intuitive gifts help bring messages of love and support to the world and individuals seeking deeper insight into their inner world.  She is able to connect you to your soul by tapping into your energy channels.  

Her programs are built on integrating all ancient wisdom, modern day negotiations, and inner healing to better support you.


Eilyn  have had both career and personal success and learned the hard way how to fully exist in my most authentic form. With the world in transition and the workforce going through a massive overhaul, I saw my optimal opportunity to take ownership and lead the collective into harnessing their full potential by accessing their soul's desires. We all deserve a complete physical and spiritual life.

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