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Your 1-Step Guide To Easy Goal Setting With Human Design.

When I worked in corporate, the performance tool preferred by HR departments was always SMART goals. While I appreciate the framework, we aren't one size fits all; we are individuals who feel purposeful doing different things- things that aren't always measurable. For example, some of us are overdoing it at work ( most of us) for these personality types; it makes sense that they set goals to chill out more and allow others to take the reins. Some personality types need to step back to calibrate their energy (see below: Projector). In my experience, most people LOATH setting their corporate SMART goals, and that's because over 70% of our population isn't designed to come up with the plan; they are intended to execute it. The reverse onus on the employer's part causes unnecessary stress to the team (IMO).

I recommend this easy one-step! Use human design to take your goal-setting to the next level. After completing your reading, come back to this page and scroll down to the bottom to read your goal-setting archetype and get started!



Human Design recognizes five types of people we are designed to be. Your style is determined by which centers, if any, are defined and to which other centers they connect. Learning your energy type will provide relief, confirmation and insights to help you get to know yourself and the growth cycles you are designed to master and overcome.

Once you’ve grasped the insights of your energy type, you are ready to go deeper and open up a new door of exciting possibilities.

Type 1 MANIFESTORS “ Making it Happen”

  • Go-getter, born to make it happen- natural born “doer.”

  • 8% of the world’s population

  • Seeks to achieve, act and do “relentless energy.”

  • They are likely to achieve success on their own

  • Need the freedom to be active

  • May act out in volatile ways, unpredictable nature

  • Struggle to keep others informed of what they are doing

  • Need to recognize when their whirlwind energy is putting others off-balance

  • Gifted motivator

  • Inner work: find inner expression/ authentic self

Type 2 The GENERATOR “ Listen to Your Gut”

  • A workhorse with endless life force energy

  • The struggle is to make things happen

  • Challenge is to know where and when to apply your energy

  • Waiting for suitable projects, opportunities, and people and honouring your gut responses are keys to finding fulfillment

  • Master the art of waiting to respond

  • View yourself as a magnet and let people and opening seeks you out, and they will

  • Self-perception that you can make things happen.

  • You are not here to save the day, and not everyone else works

  • Learn to exert patience

  • Energy pushes or pulls you with a guttural response, “UHUH OR UH-UH.”

Type 3 MANIFESTING GENERATOR “Moment of Truth”

  • Makeup approx 33% of the population

  • Potential powerhouse and bundle of energy

  • Requires a lot of patience before you can release a considerable amount of energy

  • The built-in guidance system of the gut response, however, can initiate and make things happen.

  • Need to taste the action before generating a response

  • Always looking for the next challenge

  • Forever restless

  • Focus is best applied to one project at a time

  • Busybodies

  • Need the patience to find inner certainty

  • Loves committing to massive sustainable energy projects

  • Changes constantly mind, pivots as they go

Type 4 The PROJECTOR “Recognition and inclusion”

  • 21% of the world's population make up this energy type

  • Waiting in the wings, waiting to be invited

  • Need to be recognized for efforts

  • Need to work from a position of appreciation

  • Projectors are observers waiting to be asked to be involved

  • Chilled easy-going nature

  • Natural connector

  • Strive to be noticed, but only when it rises naturally

  • Natural born leader and guides

  • You come into your own, shaping the ideas and visions of others around you

  • Responding to a calling is integral to you

  • The invitation has to be authentic and respect your worth- it is not about ego but appreciation.

  • Need to be careful about how much borrowed energy you use

  • Be open to taking breaks and recharging your energy

  • Honour your sense of belonging

  • Be careful not to feel overshadowed by the achievements of more active types.

  • Not everything requires your input, and you must learn to keep your hands out of everything.

  • Can see the forest through the trees

  • Success - be in the right company with the right environment.

Type 5 REFLECTOR “Clear Vision”

  • 1% of the world's population

  • Draw in everyone else’s energy and act as a mirror to others

  • Extremely sensitive, vulnerable, perceptive

  • Frustration occurs over wanting to be seen

  • People off-load on you, making it hard to hear your voice

  • Challenge: learn how to disown other people's energy

  • When you know to ground your energy, others will see your wisdom

  • Need to know how to create firm boundaries to bring stability into your life

  • Need to be in nature to reflect and reconnect with self

  • Over-stimulated environments are highly overwhelming

  • Need to learn to appreciate and recognize the sensitive nature

  • Moon is the regular mainstay in life: your life cycle is in sync with the moon

  • Reflector search for those who enjoy their unique nature; they need to feel accepted in the world.

  • You are unique and special; learn to see that your openness is a gift.

Goal Setting tips for your energy Type

Sitting down and writing goals comprises two emotional energies: scarcity and manifestation. When we sit down and make a list of goals solely dedicated to our career growth, such as: getting promoted, we need to unpack that desire and understand where that is coming from. Does the desire to be announced come from feeling invisible at work or with your peers? Does it come from a feeling of worthlessness or feel devalued? The goal for the new year should be revised as follows: this year, I will be open to understanding why I don’t feel I am enough. From there, you are welcome to create your next goal: When I know that I am an exceptional and worthy individual, I will share my ideas and plans with i]others and remain open for connections and opportunities to find me than the bigger picture goal: I will raise my frequency to only attract the main picture I see for myself, my new role, desire income and environment are only a matter of time until they materialized.


I don’t even need to ask; I sense that you're skimming this page while doing three other things simultaneously. Your focus this year is to call back all that energy you leak everywhere and dedicate the year to achieving one or two goals just for yourself and not for the benefit of others. Your challenge this year is to set a radically selfish and self-centred goal(s) to help you see yourself outside of all your good deeds. Your inner critic will want to tell you that “you are not doing enough” pay attention to when that voice is creeping up. These voices are not just illusions; these voices are reminding Generators to make choices from their authentic energy and not from escaping frustration- reject all the decisions that are not correct for them.


I’m amazed you are here reading this because you typically don’t lean into others for direction. The fact that you are here is a crucial accomplishment. You are demonstrating growth. You don’t need to retain that tight secrecy anymore and go through life with so much hiding, hiding behind layers, masks, things, objects, and people. You are ready to bring your authentic, quirky self to the main stage of your life. This year, your goals should be focused on positively working with your anger. What makes you mad? How does anger dictate your movements in life? How will you embrace rage and allow it to be your teacher? Suppose the primary objective this year is to put down roots, think of the two things that make you angry and use that as a catalyst for your planning. In that case, the second part is to learn how to let others implement your plan. Remember to see the beauty in receiving help from others not because you can't do something but because you are worth doing something for.

Manifesting Generators:

What makes you uncomfortable? What are you resisting? What is frustrating you? Did you set your bar too high last year, and now you are licking your wounds? You are resilient, and there is so much beauty in being the composer and the maestro of your life’s orchestra. Your goals from last year still have a pulse this year; you need to re-evaluate how you went about things. So before you start with a new set of you” new me’ rules, consider what worked. What didn’t? What areas could I be more open-minded about? What advice was I not ready to listen to? Consider asking yourself- ‘Am I standing in the same spot this year as last?’


You likely already have a set of goals you want to achieve, plus your partners and your kids (or friends). You see the big picture for everyone, which tends to be the double-edged sword you have dealt with in life. The key to achieving your goals is exerting authority over your energy and protecting yourself from getting involved in matters you need to leave alone, and I don't need to go much deeper into that. You already know what those areas are. Focus on nurturing your intuition and allowing yourself to withdraw the sword of caution each time your intuition leads you down a mystery road. You’re charged this year with learning how to let life surprise you so that you can generate your energy from a place of rest and observation rather than from the site of commander and doing. This year, I invite you to create an anti-goal list. Reverse engineering your mindset, doing less does not devalue you; it makes you an incredible and sought-after person, the authority you desire to be seen as. Let go of the assumptions that everyone has forgotten about you; your energy cannot be forgotten, and embody that confidence.


The world needs your wisdom this year, but only when you are ready, rested and acting in your authentic expression. This year your goal setting should be focused not so much at the beginning of the year but more so at the end of January-late February. By this time, you would have had the opportunity to feel the energy of the year and what needs to be done this year. Goal setting this year is about getting honest with yourself and who is standing in your way. Believe in yourself and your gifted wisdom. Your goals are innate, just like your wisdom; turn inward, cultivate your inner authority and self-leadership, and believe that in your way, on your timeline, all the things you desire will manifest and become a reality.

About Eilyn

Eilyn is a 3 / 5 manifesting generator passionate about all things otherworldly. She began diving into human design in 2020 and has never looked back. Since plunging into her profile, she has accomplished ten years' worth of goals in under 12 months. She wholeheartedly believes and has witnessed the magic of Human Design transform her life and that of her clients.

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